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Environmental Testing

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At Crystal Laboratories Inc., we provide environmental testing services to the area of Canton, OH.

Waste Disposal

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One of our most important environmental testing services is waste disposal. At Crystal Laboratories Inc...

Fuel Analysis

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At Crystal Laboratories Inc., we can provide your company with a cost-efficient fuel analysis. We have found that conducting...


“In Business Over 10 Years”

Welcome To Crystal Laboratories Inc

Our testing facilities at Crystal Laboratories Inc. in Canton, OH specialize in environmental, transformer oil, crude oil and waste disposal testing. Our services are not limited to the Ohio area. We currently provide full service laboratory testing in twenty different states across the United States.

Take a look at the different methods we currently use in our labs.

• ASTM – ASTM international testing stands for American Society for Testing and Materials. This international standards organization helps to develop and publish technical standards for a wide range of testing services. They provide testing standards for materials, products, services and systems. We follow their systems when testing different samples to ensure accurate results for all clients.

• NIOSH – The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health is a federal agency that is associated with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that helps with research in many areas. They represent epidemiology, safety, industrial hygiene, psychology and medicine. We refer to their methods to ensure safe and healthy working conditions through research, education and training.

• EPA – The United States Environmental Protection Agency helps to maintain test methods that are approved procedures. These procedures were developed to evaluate toxic properties, chemical substances and effects of different substances under various conditions. We use their test methods for many environmental analyses conducted in our labs.

• Standard Methods and Unique Methods – We use a combination of the standard testing methods with our own unique methods we have found that result in excellent analysis for our clients. All tests done in our labs are guaranteed to be of quality and accuracy that meets your requirements.

Start your environmental testing in our labs at Crystal Laboratories Inc. with just one phone call today!