Fuel Analysis

Fuel Analysis

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At Crystal Laboratories Inc., we can provide your company with a cost-efficient fuel analysis. We have found that conducting a fuel analysis is an essential risk management tool for any company. As fuel oil becomes more complex, we evolve our fuel analysis testing to meet our clients’ needs and requirements.

We have the capabilities of testing fuel oil as bunker fuel, feedstock, a blending component and power station fuel. Our fuel analysis reports contain the following information about your fuel.

• Trace Metals Content – We can test for sodium vanadium and aluminum.
• Sulfur – Our fuel analysis will determine your sulfur content.
• Viscosity – Our testing of the fuel will determine its viscosity. This number will be higher if the oil is heavy and needs heat in order to get it to flow.
• Routine Determination – Our lab technicians will run reports on your D1160, asphalt, flocculation and bromine number distillations.
• Pour Point – The tests we perform will also determine your fuel’s pour point density.

A fuel analysis will help to identify potential causes of poor performance in your equipment due to fuel problems. We can identify if you have sticking valves, malfunctioning throttle position sensors, fuel filter plugging, poor injector performance, loss of power and smoking problems.

Each report will test to confirm your diesel’s fuel sulfur content, compliance with manufacturer standards and specification for cleanliness and biodiesel content. Each of these could affect your equipment’s warranty and performance as well.

If you are looking for a specific fuel analysis directed towards one test or a complete report of all testing, we are able to supple your company with it all. Hire our chemists at Crystal Laboratories Inc. to complete your fuel analysis for the Canton, OH area.