Environmental Testing

Environmental Testing

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At Crystal Laboratories Inc., we provide environmental testing services to the area of Canton, OH. We are an industry leader for environmental testing in waste disposal facilities, manufacturing plants, wastewater plants and paper mills.

With quick testing results and all-inclusive pricing, our chemists and lab technicians guarantee correct results on all tests. We include bottles and shipping coolers with every environmental test conducted. All of our lab technicians and chemists are fully trained in all areas of environmental testing. We use only the most accurate and state of the art methodologies and equipment when completing each test.

• Transformer Oil – We test for transformer oil quality, purity and chemical composition. Testing transformer oil on a routine schedule of twice a year has come to be the accepted industry practice. We specialize in the following transformer oil testing: DGA, furan testing, standard quality screens, metal testing and PCB’s.

• Oil, Coal and Fuel Oil – Our lab technicians are trained to test in all areas of coal and oil. We will analyze the ultimate and proximate of coal for the following: mercury, sulfur and chlorine. We specialize in the testing of benzene, chloride, metals, halogens, sulfur and BTU.

• Waste Disposal – As required by law, you or your company must conduct a proper waste analysis to determine if your waste is hazardous and to ensure that it is managed properly. We can provide you with the proper waste disposal testing you require for construction debris, waste projects, hazardous waste streams and all other waster locations.

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