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For over 20 years, our staff at Crystal Laboratories Inc. has been providing environmental testing to Canton, Akron and Northeastern Ohio. We ensure the accuracy of all of our test results and use only state-of-the-art equipment in our labs to analyze all data. The quality and efficiency of our staff, and personalized testing services from our company have served petroleum engineers, transformer consultants, environmental consultants and environmental managers for over a decade.

We offer more than just environmental testing. Our assessments help to provide remediation planning, management planning, abatement planning and risk assessments to serve your company better. By analyzing and locating the problems, we can help to provide answers on how to maintain or correct any and all environmental issues found.

We value our ability to anticipate and adapt to environmental test procedures that change throughout the years. We make it a point to keep up to date and share the information with our clients on all changes that occur.

At Crystal Laboratories Inc., we provide skilled professionals who demonstrate the ability to use proper methodology for preparing, collecting and analyzing all testing samples. We are dedicated to the accuracy and quality of all test results. You can rest assured to have communication of all testing procedures, data and results with our lab technicians during the entire process. Let us complete all of your testing requirements for any area surrounding Canton, OH.